The Center on Theory and Methods of Social Network Analysis investigates in several areas about different scientific fields:  Third Sector, Social capital, Social Work, School and Education, Religion, and Interactions.

Current and recently finished projects covering the activity of the Center include:

-> “Research project about the civic and social participation in Livorno’s neighbourhoods and on the conditions of a possible institutional partnership”, with Municipality of Livorno, 2019-2020, ITALIAN DEVELOPED PROJECT.

-> “L’isola che c’è”. Within the context of the New Generations Call. The center is responsible for monitoring and evaluation activities, 2019-2022, ITALIAN DEVELOPED PROJECT .

-> “ Research project about the professional relationship networks of the Social Workers of the Local Health Authority North-West”, Tuscany Region, 2019-2020, ITALIAN DEVELOPED PROJECT.

-> “ Research project about ItaliaCamp’s stakeholder relations networks”, Department of Political Sciences, University of Pisa, 2019, ITALIAN DEVELOPED PROJECT .

-> “Do social relationships between students influence academic performance?”, Department of Political Sciences, University of Pisa, 2018, ITALIAN DEVELOPED PROJECT.

-> “Crisalidi – Building integrated and synergistic networks to support inclusive work to disable unemployability”. The project is promoted by a network of public institutions and private social organizations under the Regional Operational Programme POR FSE 2014-2020 – Investment for growth and employment AXIS B – SOCIAL INCLUSION AND FIGHTING POVERTY, and financed by the European Social Fund, Department of Political and Social Sciences, 2016-2018, ITALIAN DEVELOPED PROJECT.

-> “Models through Social Network Analysis of the dynamic co-opetition between Third Sector aggregations”, Department of Political Sciences, University of Pisa and Department of Engineering, University of Sannio, directed by Prof. Francesco Vasca (University of Sannio, Benevento), 2015, ITALIAN DEVELOPED PROJECT.

-> “The volunteering networks in Tuscany”. A research project about three territories (case studies): Follonica, Garfagnana, Pistoia, Department of Political Sciences – University of Pisa, Cesvot- Centro Servizi Volontariato Toscano, 2012, ITALIAN DEVELOPED PROJECT.

-> “Volunteering Networks and Collective Subjectivity”. The research was carried out jointly by the Department of Political and Social Sciences – University of Pisa, Cesvot- Centro Servizi Volontariato Toscano, Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences – University of Salerno, 2011-2012, ITALIAN DEVELOPED PROJECT.