EUSN 2021 – Session on Multilevel Analysis for the study of Welfare Communities

We inform you the Call for Abstracts is now open for the EUSN 2021 – 5th European Conference on Social Networks, to be held in Naples (Italy) from 7 to 10 September 2021 (online or in-person). We invite you to send proposals to the following session:

Social network perspective and multilevel analysis for the study of welfare communities

The networked structure of community welfare generates a complex system where organizations, local institutions, third sector actors, or individuals are knitted together. Such knitting shapes both formal and informal structures of participation for the construction of intervention communities and affects their results and performance at multiple levels. SNA provides a wide range of measures, tools, useful not only for reading and interpreting the phenomena of community welfare network, community participation, and governance but also for implementing network policies with the aim of generating social change.
This organized session aims to bring together studies on community welfare and formal and informal participation networks that address the structure of networks and the implications of one-level o cross-level processes that lead to the emergence of relationships and outcomes at various levels. Interested participants are allowed to submit theoretical, methodological, or empirical papers, contributing to one or several of the following thematic areas:
a)    Multilevel network between social and other kinds of networks within and across community settings: how networks structure is affected by the affiliation of individuals or organizations to events or groups;
b)    Formal and informal participation networks between various actors in the intervention communities: what factors in these networks are able to influence individual and community performance.

Multilevel analysis, Network approach, Communities, Welfare, Third sectors, Community performance, Formal and informal Network, Network governance, Inter-organizational network, Inter-personal network

Session organizers
Andrea Salvini and Antonietta Riccardo

Deadline: May 31
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